European-listed ETFs

These are the ETFs with the highest scores that invest in Equities, Bonds and Properties (Real Estates) on the same ETF ordered by Score:

6 6 Lyxor Portfolio Strategy Defensive UCITS ETF DE000ETF7029
5 5 BlackRock ESG Multi-Asset Conservative Portfolio UCITS ETF EUR (Acc) IE00BLP53M98
5 5 Lyxor Portfolio Strategy UCITS ETF DE000ETF7011
5 5 SPDR Morningstar Multi-Asset Global Infrastructure UCITS ETF IE00BQWJFQ70
5 5 VanEck Vectors Multi-Asset Balanced Allocation UCITS ETF NL0009272772
5 5 VanEck Vectors Multi-Asset Conservative Allocation UCITS ETF NL0009272764
5 5 VanEck Vectors Multi-Asset Growth Allocation UCITS ETF NL0009272780
5 5 Xtrackers Portfolio Income UCITS ETF 1D IE00B3Y8D011
5 5 Xtrackers Portfolio UCITS ETF 1C LU0397221945
4 4 BlackRock ESG Multi-Asset Growth Portfolio UCITS ETF EUR (Acc) IE00BLLZQ805
4 4 BlackRock ESG Multi-Asset Moderate Portfolio UCITS ETF EUR (Acc) IE00BLLZQS08
4 4 Lyxor Portfolio Strategy Offensive UCITS ETF DE000ETF7037

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