European-listed ETFs

These are the largest European based ETFs with the highest scores that are focused on Minimum Volatility ordered by Score:

6 6 Invesco EURO STOXX Hi Div Low VolETF (EUR) IE00BZ4BMM98
6 6 iShares Edge MSCI EM Mini Vol ETF $ Acc (EUR) IE00B8KGV557
6 6 Vanguard Glb Min Vol ETFShr USDAcc (EUR) IE00BYYR0C64
5 5 Amundi IS MSCI Europe Min Vol Fctr ETF-C (EUR) LU1681041627
5 5 Invesco FTSE Em Mkts Hi Div Low Vol ETF (EUR) IE00BYYXBF44
5 5 iShares Edge MSCI Eurp Mini Vol ETF Acc (EUR) IE00B86MWN23
5 5 iShares Edge MSCI USA Min Vol ESGETF$Acc IE00BKVL7331
5 5 iShares Edge MSCI Wld Min Vol ETF $ Acc (EUR) IE00B8FHGS14
5 5 iShares Edge MSCI Wld Min Vol ETF H Acc IE00BYXPXL17
5 5 iShares Edge S&P 500 Min Vol ETF USD Acc (EUR) IE00B6SPMN59
5 5 iShares Edge S&P 500 MinVol ETF EURH Acc (EUR) IE00BYX8XD24
5 5 SPDR EURO STOXX Low Volatility ETF (EUR) IE00BFTWP510
5 5 Xtrackers MSCI EMU Minimum Vol ETF 1D (EUR) IE00BDGN9Z19
5 5 Xtrackers MSCI USA Minimum Vol ETF 1D (EUR) IE00BDB7J586
5 5 Xtrackers MSCI Wld Minimum Vol ETF 1C (EUR) IE00BL25JN58

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